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Scrimmaging TM Small Logo, Transparent BG (299px X 64px)

The transparency required to make the logo look good on any background color, pattern or texture nearly doubles its file size. This is unavoidable, so if you do have a white background web page, be sure to use the first image.

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Hyperlink Text: Premier Sports Calendar for Sioux Falls, SD
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Transparent logo is originally:  scrimmaging-tm_transp.png

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Image Width:   299px
Image Height:   64px
Border:                  0px

Image alt Text: "Scrimmaging TM Small Logo"
...but that is up to you. The img alt text usually describes the graphic/image/photo it is associated with.


Please do not use the larger logo used in our website's heading & footer. 

Thank you for your support.  We can use all the help we can get as a locally owned and administrated free web resource.  We appreciate all the help we can get.  Thank you.


Scrimmaging Trademark
The domain name is currently on the market and is offered to the public for private sale, available to purchase through escrow. To express interest in this quality premium domain name, please contact the owner through his website. Sale of domain name includes a custom logo and is done as a package. Once payment is received the master logo files will be sent via email (or optionally via post for an additional $50.00 handling fee) to the receiving party.

Copyright MMXII - MMXX  Contents are quoted public sports schedules and each referenced resource, the sports team's website, is cited with a linked logo as well as a link on the bottom of the quoted page content.  The official logos used are reflective of the pride we have in our teams and leagues as well as their brand. The Scrimmaging logo can be used to link back to this local sports news media website (as it does now). : Super Web Host Advertisement Block