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Sioux Falls Fighting Pheasants' AA Baseball Games Schedule, 2012

Sioux Falls Fighting Pheasants AA Baseball Team Logo

Date Time Opponent
Thu. May 17 7:05 PM Sioux City Explorers
Fri. May 18 7:05 PM Sioux City Explorers
Sat., May 19 TBD @Sioux City Explorers
Sun.,May 20 2;05 PM Sioux City Explorers
Tue.,May 22 7:05 PM St. Paul Saints
Wed.,May 23 7:05 PM St. Paul Saints
Thu., May 24 7:05 PM St. Paul Saints
Fri., May 25 7:05 PM @Fargo-Moorhead
Sat., May 26 TBA @Fargo-Moorhead
Sun.,May 27 TBA @Fargo-Moorhead
Mon., May 28 TBA @Gary
Tue., May 29 TBA @Gary
Wed., May 30 TBA @Gary
Thu., May 31 7:05 PM Lincoln
Fri., June 1 7:05 PM Lincoln
Sat., June 2 6:05 PM Lincoln
Sun., June 3 2:05 PM Lincoln
Mon., June 4 7:05 PM Gary
Tue., June 5 7:05 PM Gary
Wed., June 6 12:05 PM Gary
Fri., June 8 TBA @St. Paul
Sat., June 9 TBA @St. Paul
Sun., June 10 TBA @St. Paul
Mon., June 11 TBA @Sioux City
Tue., June 12 TBA @Sioux City
Wed., June 13 7:05 PM Sioux City
Fri., June 15 7:05 PM St. Paul
Sat., June 16 6:05 PM St. Paul
Sun., June 17 2:05 PM St. Paul
Mon., June 18 7:05 PM Winnipeg
Tue., June 19 7:05 PM Winnipeg
Wed., June 20 12:05 PM Winnipeg
Fri., June 22 TBA @St. Paul
Sat., June 23 TBA @St. Paul
Sun., June 24 TBA @St. Paul
Tue., June 26 7:05 PM El Paso
Wed., June 27 7:05 PM El Paso
Thu., June 28 4:05 PM El Paso
Fri., June 29 7:05 PM Gary
Sat. June 30 6:05 PM Gary
Sun., July 1 2:05 PM Gary
Mon., July 2 7:05 PM Gary
Tue., July 3 TBA @Kansas City
Wed., July 4 TBA @Kansas City
Thu., July 5 TBA @Kansas City
Fri., July 6 TBA @Kansas City
Sat. July 7 6:00 PM @Winnipeg
Sun., July 8 1:30 PM @Winnipeg
Mon., July 9 7:00 PM @Winnipeg
Tue., July 10 7:00 PM @Winnipeg
Thu., July 12 TBA @Sioux City
Fri., July 13 TBA @Sioux City
Sat., July 14 TBA @Sioux City
Sun., July 15 TBA @Sioux City
Mon., July 16 7:05 PM Fargo-Moorhead
Tue., July 17 7:05 PM Fargo-Moorhead
Wed., July 18 7:05 PM Fargo-Moorhead
Thu., July 19 4:05 PM Winnipeg
Fri., July 20 7:05 PM Winnipeg
Sat., July 21 6:05 PM Winnipeg
Sun., July 22 5:05 PM Winnipeg
Tue., July 24 TBA @Fargo-Moorhead
Wed., July 25 TBA @Fargo-Moorhead
Thu., July 26 TBA @Fargo-Moorhead
Fri., July 27 7:00 PM @Winnipeg
Sat., July 28 6:00 PM @Winnipeg
Sun., July 29 1:30 PM @Winnipeg
Mon., July 30 7:05 PM Quebec
Tue., July 31 7:05 PM Quebec
Wed., Aug. 1 7:05 PM Quebec
Thu., Aug. 2 7:05 PM Quebec
Fri., Aug. 3 7:05 PM Wichita
Sat. Aug. 3 6:05 PM Wichita
Sun., Aug. 5 5:05 PM Wichita
Mon., Aug. 6 7:00 PM @Winnipeg
Tue., Aug. 7 7:00 PM @Winnipeg
Wed., Aug. 8 7:00 PM @Winnipeg
Fri., Aug. 10 7:05 PM Fargo-Moorhead
Sat., Aug. 11 6:05 PM Fargo-Moorhead
Sun., Aug. 12 5:05 PM Fargo-Moorhead
Tue., Aug. 14 7:05 PM Laredo
Wed., Aug. 15 7:05 PM Laredo
Thu., Aug. 16 7:05 PM :Laredo
Fri., Aug. 17 TBA @Gary
Sat., Aug. 18 TBA @Gary
Sun., Aug. 19 TBA @Gary
Mon., Aug 20 TBA @Lincoln
Tue., Aug. 21 TBA @Lincoln
Wed., Aug. 22 11:00 AM @Lincoln 
Thu., Aug. 23 TBA @Lincoln
Fri., Aug. 24 7:05 PM Sioux City
Sat., Aug. 25   Sioux City
Sun., Aug. 26 5:05 PM Sioux City
Tue., Aug. 28 TBA @Grand Prairie
Wed., Aug. 29 TBA @Grand Prairie
Thu., Aug. 30 TBA @Grand Prairie
Fri., Aug. 31 TBA @El Paso
Sat., Sept. 1 TBA @El Paso
Sun., Sept. 2 TBA @El Paso
Mon., Sept. 3 TBA @El Paso

Veteran player and former major leaguer Reggie Abercrombie returns to Fighting Pheasants baseball for their 2012 American Association minor league schedule.

You can find more info on the Sioux Falls Pheasants website.


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