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The index of recommended design and development resources (linked listings to various web and graphic design resources as well as web and app development resources that are intended for viewing by the general public).


Doug Peters
Artist, illustrator, cartoonist, designer, developer, search optimizer, marketer, domainer and brand expert. A creative business man's personal website and portfolio. Design, webmastering, marketing, branding, domaining and web hosting resources/information are all available on-site.

Symbiotic Design
Creative freelance graphic design studio. Well branded, search optimized, user friendly websites are our specialty. Mobile devices and tablets are all supported using responsive design. Mobile apps and game development is also available. Currently offline due to tremendous demand.

Website Design Artist
Website design and development from the point of view of the artist. Upon accepting the proposal, all clients must trust the artist to design a great user friendly and well optimized online presence that is easy to promote. This has become necessary because clients that are not art educated invariably pick the worst design presented.

Web Design And Development Group
The WDaD group is a Google Groups community of web designers and developers, coders and admins, webmasters and site owners, search optimization pros and online marketers, all looking to further their craft using web standards and their best practices.

Salamander Design takes a 'mobile first' approach to responsive web design and development techniques using new technologies and techniques. This allows a quick production time to accommodate tighter budgets. A small business studio enabling small business to compete online with the big corporations. A website design resource for site owners and webmasters seeking a competitive edge.

font-journal is a font repository that offers over 12,000 freeware and shareware TrueType (.ttf) PC fonts with a live custom phrase preview option. font-journal tries to avoid the joke demo fonts and only intends to provide serious, good quality fonts for free download. Most fonts are free for personal use. Please check any individual licenses included in each download archive. A freeware TrueType font conversion tool for the Macintosh is also readily available for download at the bottom of every page for font archives which do not already include a Macintosh version.

Photoshop Pros
Photoshop Pros is a group of graphic designers, photographers and digital artists that communicate in a group forum via email on Google Groups. The professional version of Photoshop is our main focus, though many members may have experience with other image manipulation software and can answer questions concerning other packages directly.

Standard Logo
Create a standard logo or header for your website, free of charge, using our 3D logo/header maker. Website also explains the benefits of professional logo design without intrusion or obligation.

CSS Websites
Cascading Style Sheets provide website styling, formatting effects and better user interaction using less code, fewer resources and less memory, to compliment the structural web page coding of HTML. CSS Websites are therefore much more advanced, faster loading and more easily crawled by search engine spiders. In effect, CSS designed websites provide an optimized platform for humans as well as search platforms, and search engines are starting to recognize this contribution.

Design Dirt
All the dirt on design for the graphic, web and commercial advertising design industries. Tips on graphic and website design. Techniques in commercial and logo design.

Website Design Layout Templates

Note: Publicly available website design templates are a cookie cutter approach (as well as a design shortcut) and such websites that share templates may risk the penalization of the search engines for duplicate content if thorough customization is not addressed. Such customization can be as expensive as creating and designing a completely new, original website that is specifically tailored to the business/professional entity in question.

Color Of You
Website Tonight is an easy-to-use templated site design system which allows you to find the Color of You and post your professional presence online quickly and painlessly.

Flash Web Design Templates
Flash website template designs offer a more professional appearance and a more interactive look, feel and presence than ordinary static websites. Cut out your concept, design and development phases to save time and costs with a predesigned package that you can approve from our catalog that you can tailor to suit your needs.

Site Templets
Web design site layout templets. A website templet (also called a "template") is the central themed design(s) that make up the pages of a website. The design will often change to accommodate different style pages, but remains true to the theme.

Offering everything for a professional presence from static interactive website design templates/templets to fully animated Flash web design templates/templets. Add your logo and content for a truly impressive visitor experience. These web design templates are easily customized or in-house customization is also available.

Flash & Animation

Flash Elements
Interactive Flash navigation and presentation elements enhance the professionalism of your online presence. Download interactive buttons, menus and animations. Purchase your favorite Flash Elements to enjoy great tech support.

Flash Extension
Flash Extension is a resource for extending your website functionality through stand-alone Flash programs that contribute to the look, feel and interactivity of your website or home pages.

Flash Web Pros
Flash web design has evolved and you need a pro's advice on how to take advantage of it correctly. Enter: Flash Web Pros.

Flash Flames
Flash design and development information and resources. Flash techniques and tips for intros, animation, interactivity, websites, multimedia and games.


Open Source Web-Zine: The open source software web magazine. Blogging Software
WordPress is one of the most powerful blogging and content management systems available, and the web application script download is free. A world of cottage industry has sprung-up around this platform; custom designs, business ready template designs, plug-ins, specialized hosting and even e-commerce systems. Requires your own hosting solution which will meet its minimum server requirements (see documentation).

Google Code
Open source project hosting on Google Code provides a free collaborative development environment for open source projects.

Programming & Coding

Foo Site
Website Coding. Worldwide web and mobile platform application development, site scripting and interactive online game programming.

php Web Development
php/MySQL information and resource articles website. Dynamic website development and application programming with php and MySQL. php/MySQL coding information and tips, web application reviews, tips and open source php script archives.

Google developers
Learn to use and master Google APIs and technologies. Get inspired by how others are using Google technologies in the Showcase. Access Google Developer Tools. General Directory Index Website Home Page

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