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Although not officially a word in the English language, the word concorder can have quite a few meanings or connotations.

The French word, "dérivant", means: arising, deflecting, diverting, from, inflecting, carrying, connecting, pulling; or in French: découlant, détournant, déviant, émanant, infléchissant, procédant, provenant, se rattachant, tirant.

To turn to a new course or use.

Designer and Artist
Designer and Artist is one of my favorite domains because it is short, puts the keyword "Design" upfront, includes the "Designer" keyword as well as professes to the excellence and dedication of such a designer as an "Artist". To top that off, there is another keyword in there, "Art". At only 14 letter characters long it is packed with punch for the Designer that is also a practicing Artist. General Directory Index Website Home Page

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