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A Man's Home Is His Castle
This is a scary time, not just for Americans, but the world as a whole, the entire human race. Due to greed and poor politics, we stood at the edge of a great pit and looked down. Some lost their balance and came crashing down. Some of us are still teetering there, hopeful for a helping hand, dreading even the slightest shove.

Credit Card Fix
No matter what, credit card companies have you by the balls. Cancel a credit card and your credit score goes down because you have less credit available to you. Loan sharks don't get as much as credit card companies do when you are carrying a significant balance. They don't want you to ever pay them off, either. You are their bread an butter. What gives?

No Intelligent Life On Earth?
Example of the lack of intelligence that is seen as normal for politicians and governmental authorities. Examples of true intelligence. A call to revolutionize by stopping morons from entering office. A call for minimum intelligence and honesty tests that elected officials must pass before becoming candidates. A call for education.
We are in a Footrace against time to stop global warming, cure diseases and get off the planet before we expend all its resources. We can do it if we work together and help one another. But the race started yesterday, get moving. General Directory Index Website Home Page

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